Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New CCH contributors wanted

CCH has been been around for about five years and it's time to shake things up a bit in terms of how to contribute.

Who can contribute?
Anyone at any level of their career.  If you write a good highlight (in my opinion) then I'll post it (see below).  You don't have to be an expert in the subject of the highlight.  For example, I frequently highlight papers that use machine learning because I find it fascinating and want to learn about it, but I have yet to publish in that area.

In general, I would like CCH to be a diverse as possible in terms of subjects, career-stage, gender, geography, etc.  For example, the current highlights are mostly on small molecule, electronic structure-related papers and I'd love to have some more highlights on solid state and dynamics.  But more small molecule, electronic structure-related highlights are also fine.

How can I contribute?
If you are interested in contributing highlights to CCH send a highlight in any format to  If I like it, I'll post it. If you continue to send me highlights on a fairly regular basis (e.g. one every 2-3 months), then I'll add you to the editorial board and give you access to the site so you can post yourself.  If you make it on to the editorial board but don't post highlight  a 12 month period, I'll remove you from the editorial board again. This also goes for current editors, from today on.

Note that you don't commit yourself to be a regular contributor by sending a highlight. Contributing once is just fine.

You can also post a highlight on your own blog and send me a link for cross-posting.

What are the requirements for a highlight?
You can't highlight a paper you have co-authored.  The paper should be published within the current year, or last two years.  So in 2017, the paper must be published in 2015-2017.  You should highlight papers you (mostly) like and agree with - not papers of which you are highly critical.  You need at least a sentence or two on why you think the paper is interesting, and it should be of general interest to some fairly large subgroup of computational chemists. One thing I am not interested in is a steady stream of papers related to a very specific subject. It is fine to highlight a preprint that has been deposited but not accepted or published yet.

A bit about CCH
As mentioned above, CCH has been around for about five years.  CCH receives about 2200 page views per month, has about 450 Twitter followers, 1000 Facebook likes, and 330 followers on LinkedIn.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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