About CCH

What is CCH?
CCH is a free overlay journal that identifies important contributions to the field of computational and theoretical chemistry published within the last 1-2 years.  CCH is not affiliated with any publisher: it is a free resource run by scientists for scientists.

How are CCH papers chosen?

CCH editors typically choose the papers based on their own reading of the scientific literature, although there is also a mechanism for others to offer suggestions, and publish a link to the paper together with their own commentary.

Can I submit suggestions to CCH?
Yes, but CCH is under no obligation to use your suggestion or reply in any other way

There are three ways of submitting suggestions. The easiest way is to tweet to @CCHighlights.  Another way is to use this site (which requires a Google account to access) where other people can comment and vote on your suggestion. Yet another way is to use this suggestion form.

Can I suggest an unpublished manuscript?
Yes, but you must deposit it in arXiv or Figshare first. 

How to I cite a CCH entry?
Comp. Chem. Highlights, year.month.[first word of title] (for example: 2012.02.roaming).  Furthermore, each entry has its own unique URL embedded in the title.