Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Reliable and Performant Identification of Low-Energy Conformers in the Gas Phase and Water

Anna Theresa Cavasin, Alexander Hillisch, Felix Uellendahl, Sebastian Schneckener, and Andreas H. Göller (2018)
Highlighted by Jan Jensen

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In my opinion the most important conclusion from this article is that PBEh-3c/GFN-xTB is an excellent approximation to PBE0-D3(BJ)/def2-TZVP/GFN-xTB when finding low energy conformations in both the gas phase and water. 

The authors chose 93 drug-like molecules and generated up to 100 conformation low-energy (< 20 kcal/mol) structures for each and computed the relative PBE0 energy of the conformer ranked lowest according to, e.g. PBEh-3c/GFN-xTB for each molecule. As you can see from the box-plots above the lowest energy structure found by PBEh-3c/GFN-xTB is virtually always within 0.5 kcal/mol of that predicted by PBE0-D3(BJ)/def2-TZVP/GFN-xTB. This is remarkable given the fact that PBEh-3c is 100-1000 times faster than PBE0-D3(BJ)/def2-TZVP according to the authors.

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